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Sp Flash Tool, also known as SP Flash Tool which is the best recommendation for MediaTek Android Flash. It is a completely free option that supports any other MediaTek Android phone or tablet in case of flashing stock, custom firmware, kernel, recovery file, and targeting system changes.

One of the main conditions required to flash with a smartphone’s flash tool is root. In fact, to flash a successful MediaTek Android, your device should have been successfully rooted. So to download SP FlashTool and use the process first create a successful one-click root on Android. You can easily follow the one-click route on Android which is fully supported on mobile.

SP Flash Tool Features

1. Flash SmartPhone Stock ROM:

It lets you flash scatter-based firmware on an Android device (MTK based). This allows you to downgrade or upgrade your device’s firmware in just a few clicks.

2. Flash SmartPhone Recovery:

This allows you to flash custom recovery on your MTK based device. Simply, add the scatter file to the SP Flash tool and locate the scatter File and flash it.

3. Smartphone Memory Test:

This allows users to verify and verify NAND flash on RAM and devices in external memory.

4. Android MTK Chips Format memory:

You can format your phone using a single click, just load scatter and click format,

5. MTK Dump Stock/Read:

You can read the entire ROM using the SP Flash Tool and the MTK tool,

6. MTK FRP Reset:

You can Easily Smartphone MTK Cpu FRP Reset Just using FRP Format Code Just 1 Click,

Why Should You Download SP Flash Tool For Android MTK Cpu?

SP FlashTool is the best recommendation for MediaTek Android Flash that supports all variants of MediaTek ROM. So it is a completely free tool that is 100% safe to download and process for this purpose. But here, you should take the total risk on your own because it can probably create several errors while processing a system change. So run the flash at your own risk with the smartphone flash tool.

Download Smart Phone Flash for Windows All Versions For Android

SP Flash Tool Download All Versions
SP Flash Tool Download All Versions
1. SP Flash Tools  V5.2124 Latest Download 21. SP Flash Tools  V5.1744 Download
2. SP Flash Tools  V5.2112 Download 22. SP Flash Tools  V5.1736 Download
3. SP Flash Tools  V5.2104 Download 23. SP Flash Tools  V5.1728 Download
4. SP Flash Tools  V5.2052 Download 24. SP Flash Tools  V5.1724 Download
5. SP Flash Tools  V5.2036  Download 25. SP Flash Tools  V5.1720 Download
6. SP Flash Tools  V5.2032 Download 26. SP Flash Tools  V5.1716 Download
7. SP Flash Tools  V5.2020 Download 27. SP Flash Tools  V5.1712 Download
8. SP Flash Tools  V5.1924 Download 28. SP Flash Tools  V5.1708 Download
9. SP Flash Tools  V5.1916 Download 29. SP Flash Tools  V5.1640 Download
10. SP Flash Tools  V5.1924 Download 30. SP Flash Tools  V5.1620 Download
11. SP Flash Tools  V5.1912 Download 31. SP Flash Tools  V5.1616 Download
12. SP Flash Tools  V5.1904 Download 32. SP Flash Tools  V5.1524 Download
13. SP Flash Tools  V5.1844 Download 33. SP Flash Tools  V5.1520 Download
14. SP Flash Tools  V5.1836 Download 34. SP Flash Tools  V5.1512 Download
15. SP Flash Tools  V5.1824 Download 35. SP Flash Tools  V5.1444 Download
16. SP Flash Tools  V5.1820 Download 36. SP Flash Tools  V5.1424 Download
17. SP Flash Tools  V5.1816 Download 37. SP Flash Tools  V3.1328 Download
18. SP Flash Tools  V5.1812 Download 38. SP Flash Tools  V3.1316 Download
19. SP Flash Tools  V5.1804 Download 39. SP Flash Tools  V3.1312 Download
20. SP Flash Tools  V5.1752 Download

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